Effects on Users’ Health

Shilajit – An Aphrodisiac With Transformational Effects on Users’ Health

Shilajit (Silajatu or Asphaltum) is also known as mineral pitch, and is an Ayurvedic herb which stands true to the reputation of being an aphrodisiac with transformational effects on users’ health, well being and everyday life as well. Premature ejaculation is an issue which can entirely take away the joy from lovemaking. But Shilajit ensures that men are able to successfully overcome the issue and allows one to last longer in bed.

Some of the underlying factors which lead to premature ejaculation include stress, fatigue or even excessive involvement in activities of a sexual nature. But on consumption of Shilajit, one is able to conquer early ejaculation, even while one does not face any side effects.

It is interesting to know more about Shilajit. The reason for its production was continental drift, wherein some foliage got buried in the Himalayas. When temperatures are high in summers, Shilajit oozes out of the rocks.

And while it works equally well for both men and women alike, it is often known as the king of all herbs for men’s health. So, one is empowered to get over issues such as sexual weakness or a low sex drive, such that sex life becomes pleasurable all over again.

With the essential nutrients that constitute Shilajit, one gets over all sorts of weakness as the body is nourished with essential nutrients. It has immense properties to induce youthful energy and vigor in a user.

Some of the practitioners even believe that Shilajit has the strength to eradicate premature ejaculation right from the root. So consuming Stay-On Power Capsules can act wonders for one’s married life.

Some of the underlying factors which could lead to premature ejaculation include depression, stress, hypertension or excess intake of alcohol. While Shilajit allows one to get over premature ejaculation, it boosts one’s sex drive as well. Shilajit rejuvenates the body, and one gets over effects of anxiety, stress and tension.

For women, Shilajit works effectively towards mitigating pre menstrual syndromes.

This maintains strength of bones by preserving density which reduces over time with the natural aging process.

Alternately, Shilajit acts as a very useful cure for menstrual problems and is beneficial for maintaining normal menstrual cycles in women. As Shilajit stimulates the reproductive system, it leads to an increased potency and vitality, thus making sex more joyful.

This lets women one get over sexual weakness, sexual neurasthenia and urinary tract infections.

If sexual dysfunctions of any nature have recently been bothering you, Stay-On Power Capsules definitely are a must try.

Sex Great On Vacation

What Makes Sex Great On Vacation?

Every summer thousands of married couples or live-in lovers who’ve settled sown to a comfortable routine of sex once or twice a month suddenly find themselves doing it every night – and enjoying matinees too.

Demure, shy, modest girls can’t get enough of it.

Men whose romances are mostly in the mind find that reality can be pretty good, too!


Why do normal, ordinary people suddenly spend every waking minute thinking about it – and doing it?

What is it about being on holiday that enables us all to throw aside our inhibitions and enjoy a really raunchy break?

To put it bluntly – why do you feel sexy when you’re on holiday?

Here are the answers!

You worries are hundreds of miles away.

At home when you get up you’re nearly always in a hurry. You’ve got to get dressed, grab some breakfast and rush out to catch the 8:05 bus or train. When you get home in evenings there is the ironing to do, meals to prepare, shelves to put up and bills to pay. You’re always in a hurry. There is no time for sex. But on holiday you’ve got all the time in the world. You can lie in bed late in the morning. You can go to bed in the afternoon. You’ve got all the opportunity you need!

You are relaxed.

At home you’re surrounded by anxieties and worries. Stress can make a man impotent and a woman frigid. But on holiday you can relax thoroughly and completely. You can let it all hang out. The tension drains from your body and you’re in the mood for fun.

You can wander around half-naked.

When you throw off your clothes you throw off your inhibitions. Our clothes affect the way we feel in many different ways. Put on your best interview suit and you’ll feel nervous, stiff and edgy. Put on a favourite pair of casual jeans and you’ll feel calm and at peace.

Wander around in a pair of shorts or a bikini and you’ll feel free and easy.

Everyone else is wandering around half-naked.

Even if it isn’t all perfectly formed, all that flesh is a definite turn-on. At home a flash of thigh or shoulders will set a man’s heart racing. On holiday he’s surrounded by acres of bare flesh. After a few weeks it would undoubtedly become dull and boring. But for a couple of weeks it is undoubtedly stimulating.

Women may claim that they aren’t turned on by the sight of naked male flesh – but the evidence suggests otherwise. Muscular chests, tight bottoms and well-filled shorts turn on a woman just as much as a well-filled bikini will excite a normal, red-blooded male.

Normal inhibitions disappear.

Being away from home – and on holiday – enables us to forget our normal fears and social inhibitions. Suddenly we become the people we’d like to be.

You’re warm.

Ever tried making love in the dead of winter? But when it’s a warm evening and the sand is still hot after a day’s bright sunshine, a gentle romp on the beach seems an excellent notion. A warm sun enables us to cast off our clothes and once they’re gone our inhibitions soon follow.

You’re with people you don’t ever have to see again.

Holiday friendships are wonderful. The rules are different. People lie to each other on holiday and nobody really cares. People boast and talk of their rich lifestyles and on one really minds. You know darned well that the people you meet on holiday are unlikely to enter your life again. You can behave as badly and as irresponsibly as you like. You’d probably be mortified if the postman, plumber, or paper boy found you sunbathing topless in your home. But on holiday you’ll display your charm to anyone without a moment’s hesitation. You don’t know them, so it doesn’t matter. You can flirt and kiss strangers without anyone gossiping about you. You can, if you like, be a tramp for a week when you’re on holiday – and return home with your reputation unsullied.

The booze is cheap – and you’re not driving.

Alcohol removes any inhibitions which may still remain. It stops you caring about what people think. It enables you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the consequences. Too much booze will ruin your performance but a glass or two will undoubtedly make you feel sexier than ever.

You’ve got the energy.

By the time you get to bed at night you’re exhausted. All you want to do is sleep. It’s hardly surprising that your sex life takes a nose-dive. But on holiday you’ve got all the energy you need. You spend all the lazing about. By night-time you’re ready to start living it up.

You stop being practical.

At home you might worry about getting caught. On holiday – with real life half forgotten – little things like that seem irrelevant.

I believe “The opposite of great truth is also true.”

Day and Night, Work and Rest, Art and Science… they all looks opposite but my viewpoint is they compliment each other.

Sex Tips

Sex Tips: Penis-Breasts Sex

That men love breasts is no secret. Guys love to bury their heads in the breasts of their lady loves or fondle and kiss them lovingly. But most men would admit that their fascination with bosoms doesn’t stop there. Guys who are interested in engaging in penis-breasts sex can benefit from the following tips. (Remember, as with all sex tips, proper penis care is a prerequisite in order for the desired act to be as delightful as possible.)

What is it exactly?

When a guy talks about having sex with a woman’s breasts, he generally means placing his erect member between the breasts and thrusting – in other words, simulating intercourse but with the breasts taking the functional place of the vagina. In some men, this can be a fetish, one which they desire quite strongly and wish to indulge frequently. For other men, however, it’s more of a way to spice up their sex lives occasionally.

Do women enjoy having a penis thrusting between their breasts? As with anything sexual, it depends entirely upon the individual. Certainly from a strictly physical point of view, it’s not going to provide the same sort of sexual sensation that it will for the man, as his most sensitive sexual body part is benefitting from direct stimulation. However, some women do receive a fairly considerable degree of nipple-based stimulation which can be quite pleasing.

Other women may not find it provides a great benefit to them physically, but may enjoy the “change of pace” aspect of it and the fact that it brings pleasure to their partner (who hopefully will be smart enough to know that he needs to promptly return the favor to them). And some may simply have no interest in this activity at all – which is certainly their right.

That said, these sex tips about position for penis-breasts sex can help guide a couple in determining how they go about trying this experience.

– Modified missionary style. One option is for the woman to lie on her back and for the man to slide his penis up between the breasts. However, this position tends to leave the man’s legs weighing on the woman’s lower torso, which can be uncomfortable. Some men are able to “straddle” the torso instead. It also requires good upper body strength on the male’s part, as he needs to push himself up on his arms to avoid his torso smothering the woman’s face. Some men find it easier to use the headboard to pull themselves up, rather than placing all their weight on their arms.

– Woman on top. In this position, the man lies on his back and the woman lies with her breasts around the penis, which is often more comfortable. However, this can put some strain on the woman’s back.

– Side by side. Some prefer simply lying side by side and figuring out the position which works best. In this position, it often works best for the partners to be “head to toe” rather than “head to head’ – meaning one partner faces the top of the bed, the other the bottom.

– Man standing. This may be the most practical for most couples. With the man standing and the woman sitting or kneeling, it’s often easiest to get the penis and breasts “in sync.” This also solves the problem of the weight of one partner being placed on top of the other in an uncomfortable manner.


Shades of Pink

This is the subject that I have been researching on for more than three years. Whatever I have written here is just a representation of things that I gathered during my course of research. The only thing that I have done here is tried my best to present this topic “Shades of Pink” in perspective, as this topic is considered TABOO in many communities across the planet. Now, time has come, to remove this taboo, speak, discuss, debate openly, accept whole heartedly and eradicate discrimination by giving one gender the option of justification. This article is purely in that direction.

In my opinion, breaking away from the traditional ways of looking at the ‘Natural Process’ of the human mechanism and then bringing the necessary understanding, is the only way forward. As one of the renounced and aesthetic GURU’s of our times says -“IN is the only way OUT” – this is so true in all spheres of life!

So, what am I talking about – Sexuality and Desires. This is one of the topics that have intrigued me for quite some time. As we often hear and discuss, that MEN cheat on their spouse have always enjoyed the explanation that natural ‘Evolution’ made them indulge in sexual activity. If you go in to internet, you will find many articles on this subject wherein have explored this theory of MEN’s evolution. This male dominated society always enjoyed the attention that it required. Didn’t it?

My question is – What about Women? Don’t they have such justification? Are they not gifted by nature like Men? If yes, then why such a privilege is not dealt with the hands of equality? What kind of effect does the natural evolution that Man enjoys, has on Women’s Sexuality?

Why is it considered as taboo while it is the natural process of human mechanism? So, where is the Hypocrisy?

Let’s start disseminating the same. I read it somewhere that in a new journal article suggested that evolutionary forces also push women to be more sexual, although in unexpected ways

Let’s understand the basics first. What is Sexuality? It is a “condition” that is characterized and distinguished by sex and passion. While we discuss and understand Sexuality, there is an aspect called Potency which is nothing but Power. So, while ‘sex’ is an act and any act, as we all know has the starting point and ending point. ‘Sexuality’ is wonderful aspect of quality, a sexual character and power. This aspect has no beginning and no ending, it’s just essentially an individual’s nature, in born quality, part of the fabric of individuals making. It is just an individual’s vitality, a wonderful thing. With this, we understand that sex and sexuality are related, and delightfully intertwined.

Now the question that arises is – can an individual be sexual without having sex? or, let me put it this way, can an individual enjoy sex with out in touch with their own sexuality? Within this frame work, where does the man’s evolution gets fitted in? And what happens to women’s sexuality in this frame work?

Yes, this is true. It is reported that, just like Men, even Women enjoy the benefits of concept of Evolution – which is generously provided by Nature. This is natural in all human beings. There are many research conducted across the globe, and in general, it is understood and derived in sexually psychology as well, that women of middle age (approximate age 25 through 45), not only enjoy enhanced sexual fantasies & interests than women of younger age,, but also desire to have more sex. And it is also said that, women of middle age are the ones who are more willing and open for casual sex, friendship based sex, one night strand etc., In other words, women in their middle years are more sexually industrious. Of course, there are many articles published on internet and once can get much more insight if needed. The purpose is to bring certain perspective on the topic, and hence I restrict myself to the point.

So, as we all know, especially people from the land of KAMASUTRA, that sexual behavior is one subject that is of interest since time immemorial. In my opinion, every individual should take some time to explore and experience being a researcher. As it is said, Sex & Sexuality are no longer a new term to be discovered. Having said this, for sure, many aspects of sexual behavior still require in-depth attention and research. One can define it as a process that requires unconditional indulgence which ultimately lead to the expression of Joy of extase. And, the various steps may include mate finding, attracting a partner, physical, emotional and sexual contact and finally sexual act. However, as we all know, Sexual activity also encompasses sexual intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. In some cultures sexual activity is accepted only after marriage, but in all societies premarital and extramarital sex is not uncommon today. Most individuals participate in the sexual activity because of the sexual pleasure they experience from the orgasm. The successful, pleasan

Questions About Sex

10 Most-Asked Questions About Sex

The questions and doubts about sex that plague the average man and woman run a wide-ranging gamut. But there are some that today’s sex counsellors hear more often than others. Here they are, along with the answers!

1. Is masturbation harmful?

This one of course tops the list. From acne to insanity, from impotence to memory loss – hardly any ailment in the medical encyclopedia has not been blamed on masturbation! Until the beginning of the 20th century even the physicians fell in line and prescribed “cures” ranging from leeches to suck out blood from the genitals, to “cages” in which children’s penises could be padlocked by parents and the key thrown away.

This was in the West. In India, although the amorous ancients joyously documented their masturbatory postures for posterity – the temples of Halebid in Karnataka flaunt masturbating males among their erotic carvings – the majority of Indian youth is tortured by crippling fears about the effects of masturbation on body and mind.

The fact is that no minister or medico has ever provided a shred of evidence to suggest that masturbation is harmful. To the contrary, current opinion among enlightened sexologists is that masturbation is not only not-harmful, it may be distinctly beneficial. To demolish the more common myths:

the penis has no muscles; hence there is no way that masturbation can lead to ‘weaknesses.
masturbation does not deplete the body’s supply of semen, leading to a scarcity situation. Semen is produced every day – and it’s produced in order to be used! As sexologist comments, “It is disuse, not use, that leads to atrophy.”
masturbation does not impair sexual intercourse or pleasure. In fact, there is growing evidence that lack of masturbatory experience may lead to problems like impotence and anorgasmia (difficulty in experiencing orgasms). Masturbation is the ultimate source of sexual self-awareness, and forms an important part of many sex therapy programmes. It seems the wheel has turned full circle!

Sexologists, however, do caution that masturbation may indicate some other underlying problem if it is indulged in compulsively and to the exclusion of other sexual outlets even when available.

2. Is there an aphrodisiac that works?

Not in the sense of directly elevating the libido. Many have been tried, but none proven. At best, they are useless, at worst they can kill. Some like rhino horn and ginseng appear to derive their reputations from little more than their physical resemblance to the penis – there is certainly no specific evidence of their alleged sex-enhancing qualities.

Others like yohimbine, from the bark of the yohimbe tree, increase the flow of blood to the genital area and thereby intensify the erection – but the effect is entirely physical, there is no corresponding increase in desire or pleasure. Spanish fly, made from dried beetles, has a similar effect – it can give a man an immense and immensely painful erection. It also causes irritation and inflammation of the urinary tract, sometimes even internal bleeding which can be fatal – and the dose that ‘works’ is about equal to the dose that kills.

Alcohol has the effect of causing inhibitions to slacken, and that may add some assertiveness, and even aggressiveness, to sexual performance. But, beyond a point (and this point is well below the level of intoxication), alcohol leads to fatigue and dissipation and may suppress rather than provoke an erection.

Cocaine also has a persisting reputation as a sexual stimulant, not only when taken orally but also when applied locally to the clitoris: the latter, say medical experts, is an especially puzzling belief when you consider that medically it’s used as a local anaesthetic – in the other words, to deaden physical sensitivity!

The very fact that people continue to believe that ginseng or ‘grass’ or whatever works, underlines one truism: if you believe it will work, it will work. After all, it’s the brain that’s the seat of the libido, not the penis or the vagina or the clitoris.

3. Is sex safer after a heart attack?

Most heart attack victims believe it isn’t, and the majority just decide to put “sex and all that” behind them. The fear of the heart “giving out” during sex is far too overwhelming among most of those who’ve suffered an attack.

But most cardiologists do not put a blanket ban, so to say, on sex for heart attack victims. There are, of course, certain categories that are at definite risk and would be advised extreme caution: Those with very poor cardiac reserve (indicated by treadmill test) or those with poor left ventricle functioning, or persons who’ve suffered repeated or major heart attacks i.e. in which a major portion of the heart muscle has been destroyed. The cardiac energy invested, on average, on one sexual episode appears to be the same as that involved in walking up two flights of stairs – but, for some heart attack victims, this may be much too much.


Sexual Desire

The Uniform of Play: Gun and Police Uniform As an Object of Sexual Desire

I confess. I suffered from a rare condition known as the uniform fetishism. My uniform fetishism was sexual in nature. Uniform fetishism is a sexual fetishism where an individual is sexually aroused by uniforms. Yes, you read that right, a uniform can aid in sexual matters. Well, it did for me. But, that doesn’t make me a jerk. All I am advocating for is that all human beings in their diversities must be allowed to explore our rights of desire to the extent necessary without impediments.

It should be noted that the academic literature on uniforms as a fetish is sparse. Generally, the most common uniforms in uniform fetish category include those of a police officer, prison warder, soldier, schoolgirl, and nurse.

Sociologists describe uniform fetishism as someone who derives sexual pleasure from viewing others dressed in the typical uniform. In my case, my irrational obsession was with the South African Police Service (SAPS) uniform worn by women. And, for me it was also directly linked to the presence of a firearm.

Dr. Dinesh Bhugra and Dr. Padmal De Silva are one of a few researchers who have studied this phenomenon. Their 1996 paper looked at the function of uniforms, and their relationship with sexual fantasy and sexual fetishism. They noted that uniforms can be seen as ‘outer skins’ that can be material and attractive in sexual terms, and that can enable individuals to display and wield power. Bhugra and Da Silva described the functions of uniforms as comprising the ‘five F’s’ (formal, fashion, fun, fantasy and fetish).

For me, I have something uniquely perplexing about the women in blue. I have had a desire to sleep with an armed woman dressed in the South African police uniform. I know it’s wacky but hear me out. My desire does not make me a masochist. I don’t have sexual deviant behaviour, hence I don’t associate the police uniform with punishment or torture as part of sexual pleasure.

My fetishism with the women in blue has a long standing condition. I became acutely aware of it in the early 90s. The more women joined the police service, it simply worsened my condition. Somehow, I felt like a sexual deviant, but I realised I am not. In any event many forms of sociologically deviant behaviour are not sanctioned by law, so I am not a sexual criminal either.

My sexual uniform fetishism reached its crescendo in 1999 when I finally dated a cop. Yes, I was once in love with a woman to the extent that she was in a police uniform and brandished a gun. I must admit. She wasn’t my kind of girl. She was short, a little chubby and fair in complexion. As readers of this column know, I prefer my women tall, slender and yellow boned.

For this particular woman, I am certain that I was not sexually attracted to her beyond her in a police uniform. Let’s put it this way, I was sexually attracted to her to the extent that she was a cop who wore a uniform and carried a gun. Our love “affair” if you can call it that was short-lived. We had fun while it lasted. I had to cut it short because my uniform fetishism was wearing thin. She was an emotional being in need of emotional excitement beyond her profession. I couldn’t be there for her emotionally. I was not into her.

In fact, I was into her to the extent that she was only allowed to come and see me during working hours, and, wait for it – she had to be in full police uniform and have her gun in the holster. As part of our play, my job was to disarm and undress her so that I could have my way with her. Clearly, this was not sustainable at least for her. For me, it felt like having your own cake and eating it too. I had the time of my life. I never disclosed my uniform fetishism condition to her. She genuinely believed I was romantically attracted to her. Poor thing!

Our relationship ended abruptly. She had in her mind fallen in love with me. However, for her to be certain, I had to pass an emotional test. She had manna from the heavens when in one of our sexual encounters there was an incident where the condom went kaput. Obviously, after the fact we had to get an emergency contraceptive pill which allowed us to play, “couple”. Weeks later she told me she was pregnant. She also demanded that we both go for HIV/Aids testing. However, every time we had an appointment to do the test, she didn’t pitch. Any meeting with her had become cumbersome as she threatened to shoot herself if she discovered that I had infected her with HIV/Aids.

A month later, in a bizarre confession, she admitted that she had just been playing games with my mind. She was neither HIV/Aids positive, nor pregnant or suicidal. “I just wanted to see if you love me,” she said. For me during this period I was in a panic because I feared that I might have contracted the sexual transmitted diseases especially HIV/Aids. While, I was relieved that she wasn’t pregnant, I couldn’t forgive her for putting me through the emotional ro

Ultimate Solution

The Ultimate Solution to All Your ‘Hush-Hush’ Problems

There are certain problems in the lives of the common people today that they are extremely shy and reluctant to discuss outside the peripheries of the bedroom. In fact, in some severe cases also, both males and females are not able to open up even to their partners and hence, rather than the problem getting solved, those keep aggravating. Yes, this is about sexual issues in human lives. Perhaps, one of the most crucial issues in life, which requires immediate attention and cure rather than being hushed up within the boundaries of the bedroom. To get these problems solved, a sexologist is the best person who can assist you to recover from such problems.

When and how does the role of sexologist come into play?

A happy conjugal life is required to stay hale and hearty, and it also helps to maintain the love and passion intact between married couples as well as partners. A healthy sexual intercourse is a very important need to ensure this, and any problems related to this can hugely affect the peace and happiness in life. Sexology is a subject that deals with various studies related to sexuality in the human beings and these cover lots of aspects of medicinal science, psychology, criminology, epidemiology, sexual activities, puberty, child sexuality, adult sexuality and many more. A sexologist is a person who studies sexology and guides the humans in distress so that he or she recovers from any sexual disorders. Nowadays, several reasons like society issues, physiological problems, behavioral problems, mental disabilities and other allied problems are leading to a steep rise in sexual dysfunction. As a result, both the males and females are being infected with some sexual issues or the other that are hindering the normality in the sexual lives of both and turn wreaking havoc on their lives. The various kinds of sexual disorders that have become very common occurrences nowadays are:

Reduced sexual desire.
Erectile dysfunction in cases of males.
Early discharge problems.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs like syphilis, gonorrhea and even AIDS that can get transmitted through sex and completely weaken the inbuilt human body’s immunity.
Inability to engage in sexual intercourse.
Lower levels of Libido.
Smaller penis in case of males.
Premature ejaculation.
Night discharge problems.
Hormonal malfunctioning in both the males and females that can lead to several problems related to sexual problems that the men and women face today.

This is just a list of the popular problems that are faced by the men and women today. However, the problems never seem to reduce, and the varieties of such issues keep increasing every day. To help out both the men and women to recover from such issues, a sexologist offers all kinds of psychological advice along with carrying out a detailed diagnosis of the problems through blood tests and other treatment procedures followed by subsequent treatment as well.

Why is it necessary to fight back shy while consulting a sexologist?

Unfortunately, the sexual problems that must be treated at the earliest so that these do not get aggravated any more do not get the scope of getting treated at all. This is because no one comes forward and rather prefers keeping the problem ‘hidden’ from others and even from the partner as well. However, just as lack of free expression hampers the proper treatment of any disease, similar is the case with sexual diseases. Therefore, one has to be clear about the problems rather than concealing the facts to enable the sexologist to diagnose and treat the matter. After all, this is for the overall betterment and well-being of the sexual lives of partners as a whole.